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    Chinese Year Celebration

    The get together is indeed a culture which makes being Chinese unique. Getting together lunch and dinner with cousins is refreshing.

    I did find myself more I found out I lthe strategy the thinking the initiation and action Indeed gets me excited and sleepless.

    Emotion can convolute decisions with dire consequences. At times the sensation of not being appreciated consumes ones self.

    Happy? What Makes it?

    Work wise, I know what makes me enjoy it followed by the happiness doing it. Strategy.

    Relationship wise, I am glum feel alone and not always happy.


    Lactococcus lactis, Gram stained smear, 100X (oil immersion), Wikimedia

    Brings back old memories of microbiological class and how I enjoyed staining it!

    Games No Longer

    Playing games has always been part of my life.

    The countless hours and sleepless nights clicking away in the keyboard and mouse.

    Now the craving and adrenaline which I use to get is no longer existent. After one or two games I feel sleep is more enjoyable. No longer did I feel it was great to kill noobs and own them.

    Perhaps a new challenge is in order. Stay tuned!!

    Message to Batman!


    I always wanted to be Batman!


    What do I do at work?

    Listen, Laugh and Learn

    My Life

    Next 5 years hard work. What challenges lay ahead I do not know.

    But it sure sounds like a crazy adventure! See you guys there in 5 years.

    Feeling as below

    Feeling like our good friend Chris Griffin